Moderation policy

Constructive comments are preferred but all comments are welcome and we aim to publish all of them, whether positive or negative. However, please remember that all comments are subject to the Civil Service Code and the Cabinet Office social media guidance so we are obliged to remove comments which are in breach of this guidance, including comments that contain any of the following:

  • Threats or incitements to violence
  • Use of obscenity
  • Duplicative or substantially duplicative postings by the same person or entity
  • Postings seeking employment or containing advertisements for a commercial product or service
  • Information posted in violation of law, including libel, condoning or encouraging illegal activity, revealing classified information, or infringing on a copyright or trademark.

If you are unsure if what you want to post is appropriate, consider whether you would say it openly in the office. Please remember that this is an opportunity for all staff to express their views. Those taking part must accept that there will be diverse opinions and viewpoints and users are expected to take a mature and responsible attitude when adding a comment. This extends to keeping comments relevant to specific challenges - while we invite open participation and the sharing of diverse viewpoints, we reserve the right to remove posts which do not address some aspect of the challenge under which they have been posted. We deeply value your time and input, and our desire is to remove as few posts as possible while ensuring that a focused, constructive discussion takes place.

Please also note that comments may be subject to release under the Freedom of Information Act. In the event of disclosure however, all personal data of staff below Senior Civil Servant (SCS) level will be redacted and comments anonymised.

If you have a complaint about an item of user-generated content on this site, or feel that your own content was removed in error, please contact us.