About Growing Ideas That Matter

Purpose: To encourage engagement and innovation in making improvements for HMCTS staff and customers. We recognise we are in a period of huge change and this is an opportunity to get views and collaborate to improve the service we deliver. The forum will be used to seek views on a range of 'topics' or 'challenges'. Each of these will have a Sponsor who will consider all the ideas and comments and share how these will be taken forward.

People: The scheme itself was suggested by a member of staff in the North West. It was designed by a Working Group using feedback gathered from a survey we conducted in May. Growing Ideas That Matter will be administered by the Customer Directorate but is owned by all. Anyone can suggest a challenge and make a contribution.....including our customers!

Proposition: Any idea is relevant whether it is big or a small. Please try to give details of why you think your suggestion is important, how it could work and what difference the suggestion would make. Is there a broader context of which it's useful to be aware? Highlight any issues you can forsee and invite input from others. The system is designed to be collaborative as 17,000 heads are better than 1!!!

Plan: Each challenge will run for approximately a month. Once closed the Sponsor will consider all the comments and suggestions and report back on how the ideas are being considered and taken forward. A dedicated page on our Intranet will record the successes we have had.