Welcome to Growing Ideas That Matter!

Growing Ideas That Matter is a collaborative forum that enables everyone in HMCTS and MoJ to suggest, comment or build on ideas, enabling them to 'grow'.

We created this forum following a suggestion from a member of staff on the Chief Executive's blog that we introduce a great ideas scheme for HMCTS. The Customer Directorate were tasked to take this forward and a Working Group was formed. We ran a short survey to ask our staff what they would want from such a scheme and why. We also asked how it could work and what the name should be. The Working Group then used that feedback to design the logo, the name and the system, successfully piloting it in our North West Region early in 2017. The forum is now open to all of HMCTS and MoJ.

This is how Growing Ideas That Matter works:

Each month we will set new 'challenges' to seek your views and ideas on specific topics. Each 'challenge' will have a named Sponsor who will be responsible for considering all the ideas and suggestions on that topic and the plan of action to take them forward. To ensure transparency, after each challenge closes we will share progress on the challenge page (under Previous Challenges) and leave all ideas and comments visible there.

As the forum is Internet-based, for security and privacy reasons users must be registered and logged in before challenges will be visible. Most challenges are only open to users with an @hmcts or @justice email address but some are limited to a specific list of email addresses and we have the flexibility to open up future challenges to the general public - whatever sponsors feel is most appropriate for each challenge. This gives us a real opportunity to make a difference to both our staff and our customers so please log in, plant a seed and be as innovative as you like to help us grow an idea that matters!

Please note that our current and previous challenges can only be accessed once you are logged in, so if it says below that there are no challenges, please log in!

If you are interested in sponsoring a challenge, or if you have any questions about accessing or using Growing Ideas That Matter, please send us a message using the Contact link at the bottom of the page. These messages will not be visible to challenge sponsors so please don't use them to send us your ideas - ideas must be posted under the challenge so that sponsors can respond and others can join the conversation.

While reviewing responses to our latest challenge we have listened and taken on board the thoughts on the use of Growing Ideas That Matter as a platform. With every challenge we launch we learn something new; whether that’s adding images and media, the way we promote and share progress or simply what works well on the platform itself. We have taken the time to reflect and listen and are aware that focusing in on one topic really allows us to build this discussion, so will endeavour to do this in all future challenges.

One thing we are keen to achieve through Growing Ideas That Matter is the building of ideas and discussion between users and the challenge sponsor being able to provide a two way communication channel. This is something a survey is simply unable to provide and one of the key desired features expressed by the operational working team.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we are always looking to develop Growing Ideas That Matter and our users are fundamental to that. We’ve worked to make registration as pain-free as possible whilst providing quick guidance for first time users We are working on improved guidance and welcome all feedback about how the site works - all we ask is that any suggestions about the site itself are directed to our mailbox rather than posted on challenges; that way we can keep discussions focused on the challenge itself. We pride ourselves on getting a response to everyone that takes the time to think about their contribution.

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